Claims FAQs - Missouri Petroleum Storage Tank Insurance Fund
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Claims FAQs

Question 1: What should I do if I have a leak?
Answer 1: If it is an emergency, call 800-765-2765. A claims adjuster will contact you to provide assistance. You will be asked to fill out a Claim Form as time allows. Please be sure to contact the Missouri Department of Natural Resources Spill Line as well at 573-634-2436.

For non-emergency situations, fill out a claim form and send it, along with any work plans and cost estimates, to:

PO Box 104116
Jefferson City, MO 65110

Question 2: How do I know if I can get PSTIF benefits?
Answer 2:
The best way is to contact us and ask, either by calling 800-765-2765, emailing, or sending an inquiry via regular mail to:

PO Box 104116
Jefferson City, MO 65110

Generally, if you discover a petroleum release while you are insured with us, benefits will be available, (subject to certain criteria).

Question 3: When should I file a claim?
Answer 3: When you –

  • Know or reasonably suspect a leak from your tank(s) or piping;
  • Learn that petroleum contamination exists on your site in excess of cleanup levels established by the Missouri Department of Natural Resources, (MoDNR); or
  • Receive notice of a claim for damages or cleanup costs from another party.

Question 4: Who may file a claim?
Answer 4: Only the following persons may request payment from the PSTIF:

  • A Fund participant, (i.e., a person who is insured);
  • A creditor, mortgagee, or other person listed as additional insured; or
  • A Fund beneficiary, (i.e., a person who is cleaning up an eligible property where tanks were taken out of use by 12/31/97).

Persons who believe they have suffered property damage or bodily injury, or who have incurred costs for cleanup of petroleum contamination emanating from a tank site, should present their claim directly to the responsible tank owner.

Question 5: Does the Fund tell me what consultant or contractor to use?
Answer 5:
No. The owner has the freedom to select his consultant or contractor and must hire them directly. It is the owner’s responsibility to get competitive pricing, to see that work is completed timely, and to request reimbursement from the PSTIF.

Question 6: Will PSTIF pay the consultant/contractor directly?
Answer 6: 
No. PSTIF claim reimbursements cannot be made directly to the consultant or contractor. We can make reimbursements jointly payable and will mail checks directly to the consultant/contractor if you direct us to in your payment request form. (Please also see Helpful Hints.)

Question 7: What costs might I incur that will not be paid by the Fund?
Answer 7:
The PSTIF does not reimburse for:

  • Cleaning of tanks, lines;
  • Removal, handling, and disposal of tanks, lines, pump islands, canopies, buildings, etc.;
  • Excavation costs solely necessary to remove tanks or lines;
  • Costs for disposal of soil that is not contaminated above MoDNR’s cleanup levels;
  • Costs for site characterization, assessments or similar work, (e.g., Phase I or Phase II Site Assessments), to determine whether a release occurred;
  • Markup of laboratory analyses costs or markup of major subcontracted work such as drilling, well installation or push probe investigation;
  • Repairs to or maintenance of the tank system;
  • Tank and line tightness tests; or
  • Preparation of reimbursement requests.

Question 8: After I know I’m eligible for PSTIF benefits, how do I get money?
Answer 8:
There are two simple steps.  First, send us one or more cost estimates for work at your site.  (You will get these from environmental consultants or contractors.)  Wait until we respond before authorizing any work.  We will send you a letter, telling you whether we will pay the proposed costs.

Then, hire or authorize your selected consultant/contractor to do the proposed work.  After it is done, send us copies of the bills he sends you, along with a Payment Request Form.

Question 9: How long does it take for me to receive my check?
Answer 9:
If your invoice submission is complete and no additional information is required, you will normally receive a check within 30-45 days. Hear are some tips for expediting your payment.

Question 10: I am selling my property and have an open claim. Do I need to notify the PSTIF?
Answer 10: Yes. The PSTIF must be notified of any change in ownership of tanks or real estate. In some cases, we may consent to your Assignment of Benefits to the new owner. (Please note that insurance coverage cancels automatically when an operating tank site is sold; see FAQs.)

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